Trump Targets Biden’s Radical Stance on Roe v. Wade

( – President Donald Trump is staunchly pro-life. It’s one of the most critical issues for the commander-in-chief, and he’s the only sitting president to ever attend a March for Life rally. That’s why he’s so disturbed by the position Joe Biden has taken on abortions.

On October 5, at an event in Miami, Biden said he would push for legislation that makes “Roe the law of the land.” President Trump responded to the Democratic vice presidential candidate saying he wants to pack the court and supports abortions “up to birth, and beyond.”

Democrats support abortion without limits. That’s what “pro-choice” means. They believe the decision is between a woman and her doctor. The president, on the other hand, wants to protect babies. On November 3, the American electorate will have to decide which candidate aligns with their position.

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