Trump to Sign Order Protecting Preemies Who Survive Abortion

( – At the 2020 State of the Union Address, President Donald Trump highlighted both late-term abortions and premature births. He promised to allocate funding for prenatal research. On Wednesday, September 23, the president gave an update on the policies.

Trump said he’s going to sign a Born Alive Executive Order that requires all babies born alive to receive medical care. It will include the ones that survive abortions or are born prematurely. The administration hasn’t published the exact wording yet, but the president said it’s the US’ “sacrosanct moral duty” to protect babies.

The order is also expected to contain funding for research. In the US, roughly 380,000 infants are born prematurely every year. Some of those babies are less than 24 weeks when they arrive, and although their survival rate is lower, they can live. Abortions are still legal after that gestational age. Think about that.

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