Trump Unloads on Obama Over Sickening Attacks

Trump Unloads on Obama Over Sickening Attacks

( – In 2016, the Democratic Party severely underestimated Donald Trump’s popularity in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. The billionaire businessman smashed the “blue wall,” won the states, and sailed to victory, becoming the 45th president. On October 31, former POTUS Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Joe Biden held joint campaign events in Michigan to win back some of the votes Trump got last time around.

During an event in Detroit, Obama viciously attacked President Trump’s character. He blamed the commander-in-chief for COVID-19, claiming he’s “jealous” of the media coverage the virus is receiving. The pair later stopped in Flint, Michigan, where the former president had played basketball.

President Trump wasn’t going to let the attacks stand. He hit back on Twitter.

The president pointed out that Biden was recently endorsed by former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R), whose administration was at fault for the Flint water crisis. The water poisoning scandal happened while Obama and Biden occupied the White House. According to official records, 90 people fell ill, and 12 people died from lead poisoning. However, many believe those numbers are underreported.

Why should the people of Michigan believe another round of Biden is the answer to their problems?

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