Trump’s Attacks on Mitch McConnell Signal 2024 Run

Trump's Attacks on Mitch McConnell Signal 2024 Run

( – Americans immediately began to wonder whether former President Donald Trump would run again in 2024 after leaving office in January. While Trump has yet to confirm or deny these rumors himself, his recent attack on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has at least one analyst concluding that the answer is yes.

After the $1.2-trillion infrastructure package passed the Senate, Trump released a statement referring to McConnell as an “Old Crow.” He also blasted the minority leader for backing President Joe Biden’s plan while rejecting his when he was the leader of the free world.

Some might see these remarks as a simple jab at the senator, fueled by a public departure after Trump’s loss of the 2020 election. However, Republican strategist Ford O’Connell said the statement conclusively proves “he’s running for president.” He indicated the former POTUS is trying to paint himself as a Washington outsider to show he’s the only one that can lead the Republican party in conjunction with its true conservative ideals.

Other signals that the former president will run in 2024 include his endorsements, statements on current issues, and a fundraising event for MAGA at his golf course in New Jersey.

Only time will tell if this strategy is effective, but one senior Senate Republican aide said that the majority of senators on the Right continue to support the minority leader. Still, Trump could announce his second run for the presidency at any time.

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