Trump’s Lawsuit: 2,560 Felons, 66,247 Underage Voted in Georgia

Trump's Lawsuit: 2,560 Felons, 66,247 Underage Voted in Georgia

( – On December 4, President Donald Trump’s legal team filed a lawsuit in Georgia to dispute the election results. The filing outlines massive allegations of widespread fraud across the state that could change the outcome.

According to the lawsuit, there weren’t just a couple of instances of fraud, the suit alleges there were almost 200,000 illegal votes, including:

  • 40,279 people who failed to re-register after they moved to a new county
  • 2,560 felons
  • 395 people who voted in another state
  • 66,247 voters who registered while underage
  • 1,043 people who listed a PO Box as an address
  • 15,700 voters who didn’t re-register after filing national change of address forms
  • 4,926 people who registered in Georgia and another state
  • 2,423 people not on the voter rolls

Trump’s lawyers included affidavits that alleged more than 30 violations against state laws. If the president wins this lawsuit, the president will win the state. And although it wouldn’t impact the national outcome, it would prove widespread fraud, something law enforcement agencies dispute right now.

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