Trump’s Upcoming Announcement for 2024

Trump’s Upcoming Announcement for 2024

( – There’s one big question looming three years before the 2024 election: Will former President Donald Trump try to reclaim the White House? He has not said exactly what he’s going to do, but recent comments might make his supporters very happy.

On May 4, The Daily Wire released an interview host Candace Owens conducted with Trump. Owens, a staunch supporter of the former president, asked him if he plans to run again. He responded that he’s “absolutely enthused” and looking forward to making “an announcement at the right time.” Trump didn’t say what he’d be announcing specifically but said he thinks people will be “very, very happy” when he makes it.

The former president has said he’s waiting to see what happens in the 2022 midterms before he decides if he will run again. Republicans are hoping to take back the Senate and the House. So, if GOP voters want another four years of Trump, the best chance they have to make that happen is by getting out to vote in the 2022 midterms.

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