Tucker Carlson Furious After Innocent Woman Doxxed By Washington Post

Tucker Carlson Furious After Innocent Women Doxxed By Washington Post

(AbsoluteNews.com) – On April 19, The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz posted a bombshell report about the popular conservative account “Libs of TikTok.” In her piece, she revealed a woman named Chaya Raichik is the owner of the account. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and many others were livid over Taylor’s actions.

Lorenz reported she looked back through years of tweets to find Raichik’s name. She reportedly tweeted using her own name before creating Libs of TikTok; an account that has been accused of posting anti-LGBT content. The social media influencer revealed the WaPo reporter showed up at the homes of numerous family members to try to get dirt on her.

Carlson ripped the reporter apart on his show for doxxing Raichik and harassing her family. The Fox News reporter reminded viewers Lorenz once said she was suicidal after online bullying. Carlson played a clip of an MSNBC interview where she said people showed up at the home of her family. He sarcastically said, “Oh, they go after your family members?” He went on to call her a bully who has “no skills.”

For her part, Raichik said she won’t allow Lorenz or anyone else to bully her.

Raichik has now created a substack account just in case social media bans her account. She told her fans they can follow her by joining the substack page.

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