Tucker Carlson: “If You’re Looking for Election Rigging, Look No Further”

Tucker Carlson:

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Before the 2020 election, the New York Post published an article about Hunter Biden’s business dealings overseas while his father, Joe, was serving as vice president. The bombshell piece quickly spread across social media, but was suppressed by Big Tech soon after.

Many Republicans, including Fox News host Tucker Carlson, believe that’s how the Democratic Party managed to rig the election.

Tucker Carlson Lashes Out

On Wednesday, November 9, Carlson discussed the news that the DOJ and US Attorney’s office in Delaware are investigating Hunter Biden. The Fox News host slammed Big Tech and the media for their attempts to keep the public from reading information about voter fraud. He said the “very people who rigged this election” with widespread censorship are imposing even more restrictions.

Carlson revealed that a lot of members of the press knew about the investigation into Hunter’s taxes. He explained that’s why he reported “federal prosecutors had opened a criminal investigation” into Joe Biden’s son. Other media outlets reportedly knew about it but “said nothing” and “hid the news.” The Fox host believes they did it to help get the Democrat elected president.

The Big Secret

By keeping the information from the public, the media and Big Tech made it seem as if everything in Joe Biden’s life was free of controversy. The American people went to the polls, cast their ballots, and had no idea that Hunter was under a law enforcement microscope.

Considering the revelations by the New York Post, it’s possible Joe Biden was involved or knew about what was happening and he, too, kept it a secret. There’s no evidence of that, but it certainly isn’t far-fetched. The former vice president only has one living son, how far did he go to help him? And why did the media cover up the investigation? Was it to rig the election? These are questions citizens deserve answers to.

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