Tucker Carlson Responds to Dr. Fauci’s Vicious Attacks

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Dr. Anthony Fauci is the top infectious disease expert in the country. He is supposed to be a nonpartisan scientist who only states the facts and reassures the American people during this pandemic. Instead, he has politicized his job. Most recently, he did that during a CNN interview when he verbally attacked Fox News Host Tucker Carlson.

It seems he picked the wrong guy to pick on though, because Carlson is firing back.

Fauci Interview

On Wednesday, April 14, Fauci appeared on CNN’s “New Day” about the comments Carlson made questioning COVID-19 and how effective the vaccine is against the virus if the CDC is still telling people they need to wear masks. The doctor said it’s the “typical crazy conspiracy theory” asking why the medical community wouldn’t tell people if the vaccinations were not working.

Host John Brennan asked Fauci if he thought Carlson’s comments were dangerous. That’s when the doctor accused the television host of putting the “safety and health of the American public” in danger.

Carlson Fires Back

Tucker Carlson is not the kind of guy to just take someone’s verbal abuse. Fauci not only made serious allegations that he was putting lives in danger, but he was also wrong. On Wednesday night, the Fox host responded to the allegations.

Carlson said he “never for one minute doubted” the COVID-19 vaccination works. That isn’t what he was saying at all. His intention was to ask about how people should behave post-vaccination because the “people in charge” are behaving as though the vaccines do not work. He pointed out that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris both wear makes while they’re outside. Others in the administration are saying people should limit their activity even after they receive their shots. And he wants to know why people can’t live normally if the vaccine works.

Fauci made this political. He didn’t have to respond to gossip from CNN hosts, but he did. Isn’t time for him to just do his job and stop with the endless interviews?

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