Turbulence Horror: Singapore Airlines Offers $10,000 Compensation for Passengers – Shocking Details Inside!

Singapore – Singapore Airlines has announced its plan to offer compensation to passengers who were injured on a flight from London to Singapore that experienced severe turbulence. The airline stated that it would provide $10,000 to those with minor injuries, as well as an advance payment of $25,000 for passengers with more serious injuries.

Tragically, a 73-year-old British passenger passed away and many others were injured when flight SQ 321 encountered turbulence over Myanmar and was forced to divert to Thailand back in May. The incident resulted in over a hundred passengers being treated at a hospital in Bangkok.

Passengers on board described a terrifying scene, with crew members and those not wearing seatbelts being thrown into the cabin ceiling during the turbulence. Reports from the hospital treating the injured passengers mentioned injuries to the spinal cord, head, and muscles.

The airline has not disclosed the exact number of passengers eligible for compensation but confirmed that all passengers, regardless of injury, will receive a full fare refund. In addition, Singapore Airlines will provide delay compensation in compliance with European Union or United Kingdom regulations. Passengers will also receive S$1,000 to cover immediate expenses, with the airline arranging for loved ones to travel to Bangkok as needed.

Following international regulations, airlines are required to offer compensation to passengers in the event of injuries or fatalities during a flight. This incident has also sparked discussions around seatbelt practices, as passengers are typically allowed to remove their belts during normal cruising conditions.

Overall, Singapore Airlines is taking steps to address the aftermath of the turbulence incident and provide support to affected passengers and their families.