Twelve people shot at a multi-college event in Baton Rouge

Law enforcement in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are conducting a search for a minimum of one individual believed to be connected to a nightclub shooting that resulted in twelve people being wounded, according to L’Jean McKneely, who is a spokesperson for the Baton Rouge Police Department. The shooting is being treated as a “targeted attack” by the police.

Lt. Bryan Ballard, commander of the Baton Rouge Police Department’s Homicide Division, made a statement during a press conference on Sunday emphasizing that the shooting of citizens in Baton Rouge was not a spontaneous event.

At approximately 1:30 a.m. in the morning, according to a law enforcement source, witnesses at Dior Bar & Lounge reported a dispute between two groups of customers that escalated into multiple gunman shooting. Of the twelve people that were injured, three are considered to have life-threatening wounds, as per Lt. Ballard.

Chief Murphy J. Paul, Jr. commended the quick actions of three officers outside the club, which he believed prevented any further casualties within the venue.

An Eventbrite listing revealed the nightclub was having a “back to school party” for college students from Southern University and A&M College and Louisiana State University when the incident occurred. As of now, the police are yet to determine a motive for the shooting, said McKneely, the spokesperson.

Deputy Chief Myron Daniels announced that a joint investigation is being conducted with the Alcohol, Beverage, and Control agency (ABC) to look into the “security breach” that allowed someone to bring firearms into the event.

The authorities are appealing to anyone who has knowledge of the incident to come forward. Chief Paul implored, “There are people in the inner circle of the person who’s responsible for this, the persons who were involved in this shooting incident – their family members, their friends – there’s someone who knows something. Do the right thing.” The investigation is still ongoing.