Twitter CEO Defends Actions

Twitter CEO Defends Actions

( – On May 26, Twitter added fact-check alerts to two of President Donald Trump’s tweets about mail-in-voting. The president, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others spoke out against the social media company’s decision. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is now trying to explain his actions.

After Twitter fact-checked the president, he said he was looking into regulations to stop the company from interfering in the 2020 presidential election. Zuckerberg lied and said his company doesn’t believe it’s the “arbiter of truth” even though Facebook has also added a fact check to a post by Trump. Dorsey responded to the criticism in a series of tweets on his platform.

The problem here is much larger than Twitter. Social media companies have a long history of censoring and suppressing the voices of Conservatives. Their decision to attack the president of the United States is just the latest example of their power over political speech. The question is: What are lawmakers going to do about it?

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