Twitter Targets Trump … AGAIN

Twitter Targets Trump … AGAIN

( – In May, President Donald Trump signed an executive order regarding social media companies who unfairly target Conservatives. The commander-in-chief warned the Big Tech companies he’d fight to limit their liability protections if they continued censoring Americans unjustly. Twitter’s behavior seems to suggest it has not received the message.

On August 23, Twitter added a label to one of the president’s tweets because the company claims the message “could potentially dissuade people from participation in voting.” Trump warned people mail-in voting could lead to fraud and the drop boxes weren’t “COVID sanitized.”

The tech company said it would leave the tweet up since it’s part of an “ongoing public conversation.”

First of all, it’s absolutely true mail-in voting could lead to fraud. An election in New Jersey was thrown out on August 19 for that very reason. Second, unless someone is standing next to the drop-box and sanitizing it after every voter, then no, it’s not COVID-proof. The CDC recommends high-touch surfaces be cleaned regularly.

What exactly was misleading or wrong about pointing out the obvious? Once again, Twitter is proving what happens when a company is allowed to go unchecked.

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