Twitter’s Birdwatch Misinformation Feature Is Already Biased Against Conservatives

Twitter's Birdwatch Misinformation Feature Is Already Biased Against Conservatives

( – Twitter has been on a censorship roll over the last several months. Prominent Conservatives, including former President Donald Trump, have had their accounts banned and suspended for allegedly spreading misinformation. The company is now implementing a new tool that will reportedly allow ordinary people to police the platform. Experts are already decrying the system.

Introducing Birdwatch

On January 25, Twitter released a statement announcing the new system, called Birdwatch. The Vice President of Product, Keith Coleman, said the program will be a “community-driven approach to help address misleading information” on the platform.

Birdwatch will allow users to identify tweets they think are misleading and then write notes that can provide context to the content.

People can sign up for the pilot program but they won’t be accepted if they have previous violations. NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch attempted to sign up for the program but Twitter denied her participation, citing a violation related to the Hunter Biden scandal. Conservatives believe the program is biased against them from the start because they often have violations as a result of being targeted by the Left.

More Bias on Twitter

Vivek Ramaswamy, a Biotech entrepreneur, told Fox News Twitter is making changes “on the fly” to censor Conservatives. He thinks the new tool will just allow people to “cancel each other” instead of debating. And, he thinks the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey is trying to run a “corporate monarchy.”

Conservatives have a right to be concerned. If the company isn’t allowing Republicans to join the pilot program, then it means the “context” is going to be one-sided. That’s a continuation of the same problems that exist now. Leftists have a voice, and those who disagree are prohibited from speaking. Not only are members of the GOP going to have to worry about being unfairly banned or canceled, now they’ll have to worry a radical Leftist is adding “context” to their speech.

Isn’t it time for Congress to step in and do its job to rein in social media platforms? When is enough going to be enough?

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