Two stabbed at Atlanta area airport including officer

ATLANTA, GA – Two individuals, one of whom was an on-duty police officer, sustained injuries in a stabbing incident at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on a recent Wednesday afternoon. The incident began when a female, armed with a knife, was spotted outside the airport’s security area. As she made her way toward the south terminal, the woman reportedly attacked a male traveler. Upon intervention by Atlanta Police Department (APD) officers, she also managed to injure an APD lieutenant. Swift action by another officer enabled the suspect’s arrest after disarming her.

Both victims were rushed to nearby medical facilities. Fortunately, they were described as “alert, conscious, and breathing” upon arrival. The female assailant did not suffer any injuries during her apprehension.

While this unexpected incident certainly caused a stir among airport patrons, it was largely contained with minimal operational disruptions. An official from the international airport confirmed that day-to-day functions remained largely unaffected, reassuring the public of their safety. Passengers present during the occurrence took precautionary measures, with some even taking cover.

Sarah Nagem, an editor for a North Carolina-based publication and a passenger at the airport during the time, mentioned that the attendees in the terminal were informed of the situation being both “domestic” and “fluid.” The motive behind this attack remains unclear, with authorities still piecing together the events leading up to the incident.