Two students killed at non-profit for troubled youth

The Des Moines Police Department has reported that a shooting incident at an educational program in Des Moines, Iowa, has left two students dead and an employee in a serious state.

The incident occurred at 12:53 p.m. on 455 SW 5th Street, the address of a non-profit called Starts Right Here. Upon their arrival, police and fire personnel discovered the injured individuals, and they were taken to medical facilities for treatment. The ages of those involved in the shooting have not been disclosed.

Police got a description of a vehicle related to the shooting and made a traffic stop about 20 minutes after the shooting, two miles away, Police Sgt. Paul Parizek said at a news conference.

Two individuals remained in the car while one of them exited and began running, according to Parizek. Officers were able to track down the suspect with the help of a tracking dog, Parizek added. The names of the suspects were not revealed by Parizek and it is yet to be seen if they will face any charges. “We’re looking into the most serious charges since two people have died”, the official said. As of now, the reason behind the incident is still unknown.

He asserted that the occurrence was not haphazard but rather a carefully considered one. He continued by expressing that they are still attempting to discover the underlying impetus.

The Starts Right Here website indicates that it is striving to empower at-risk youth in the Des Moines Public Schools as well as encouraging them through various lectures. Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds is a member of the site’s advisory board.