U.S. To Allow Sergei Lavrov And A Delegation To Travel To The U.N.


According to a Russian diplomatic source, the United States has granted Sergei Lavrov a visa to attend next week’s UN summit with half the delegation Moscow requested.

The Russian ambassador to the U.N., Vassily Nebenzia, wrote the U.N. secretary-general on Sept. 2 a letter asking for 56 visas to be granted. It was reported on Tuesday that 24 visas had been granted.

There was no immediate word on whether Washington had granted visas to Lavrov’s flight crew or whether Lavrov was expected to fly commercially to New York. Nebenzia had also indicated that the crew of Lavrov’s plane had not received visas.

As of Sept. 20, the United Nations General Assembly will meet at a high-level meeting.

As part of the 1947 U.N. “headquarters agreement,” foreign diplomats are generally required to gain access to the UN. However, Washington says visas can be denied for security, terrorism, and foreign policy reasons.

Earlier this month, the United Nations said it contacted the United States about the Russian visa issue.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February ruptured the U.S.-Russia relationship. Russia calls its actions in Ukraine “special military operations.” The United States considers them unprovoked hostility.

By not issuing visas to Russia’s full delegation, the United States is “violating its obligations,” the Kremlin said Tuesday, threatening to hold the United Nations and the United States accountable.

Earlier this month, the United States said it takes its obligations seriously as a U.N. host country, and visa records are confidential under U.S. law.

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