Uber Driver Murdered By Man Who Decided To Kill Anyone That Answered His Ride Request

A man stabbed a Louisiana Uber driver as she was dropping him off at a hotel on Thursday. He then recorded video of the victim’s suffering and uploaded it to his Facebook account.

Brandon Jacobs, 29, ordered an Uber and decided to target whoever would respond to his ride request. There was no motive except mindless violence.

Yolanda Dillon, an Uber driver and employee of the New Orleans Police Department, was murdered yesterday in the attack. She worked as an Uber driver to help pay for her tuition, as she was just a short while away from obtaining her doctorate degree.

Yolanda lived with her mother while going to school and working both of her jobs. She left behind her cancer-ridden elderly mom whom she helped to take care of.

Yolanda Dillion was an only child who graduated from Marion Abramson High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Xavier University. She loved to spoil children at her church, her mother said.

Sheriff Joseph LoPinto says Brandon Jacobs stabbed Yolanda from the back after he got off an Uber ride with her at a Travelodge in Harvey on Thursday. Security footage shows the next person starting to enter the vehicle and seeing the horrendous scene that Jacobs left behind. That passenger ran back inside of the building to get help.

Yolanda Dillon died from her injuries at a local hospital.

Police were able to locate Jacobs after finding his cell phone in the vehicle and closing the fare. Jacobs is charged with second-degree murder of the 54-year-old woman. 

Yolanda also worked as a fiscal budget Analyst at NPD.  Chief Ferguson describes her as quiet humble, someone who was positive and overall an extremely lovely person.