Ukraine Hit By Massive Cyberattack

Ukraine Hit By Massive Cyberattack

( – On January 13, Ukraine’s ambassador predicted on CBS News her country would experience a cyberattack before any aggressive Russian military action ensued. A short time after her declaration, an unknown perpetrator hit the Ukrainian government with a large cyberattack disabling official websites and warning the country’s citizens to not only be frightened but “expect the worst.”

Although no one claimed responsibility for the disruption, the timing suspiciously aligns with volatile negotiations between Russia, Ukraine, NATO and the United States. All the while, the Kremlin is continuing to build up its force on the Ukrainian border despite demands to stop.

During the cyberattack, a message popped up telling Ukrainian residents all their private information was made public. However, the country’s security service confirmed no such thing had occurred. As officials continue to look into who exactly initiated the digital warfare, the Pentagon affirmed its continued support of Ukraine against cyberattacks but declined to go into detail about the extent.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated the intelligence community has information saying Russia could be planning to accuse Ukraine of attacking Russian forces on the border as an excuse to invade. The question is: Could Russia be behind the attack, and does it mean it’s planning for war, as many suspect?

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