Uninvited Guests Open Fire At High School Halloween Party And Shoot Students


A shooting was reported at a Halloween house party with 70 to 100 high school students in attendance, along with a parent that was home during the celebration.

Everyone at the party was invited via social media, so there was a closed guest list. Some people who were not invited showed up to the event, but were asked to leave. Despite other similar parties being hosted by the homeowners, they hadn’t come across the issue of having to ask uninvited guests to leave.

The people who were asked to leave began opening fire at the party, causing life-threatening injuries and killing a young woman in attendance.

Multiple gunmen shot at the house where the party was going on. Some victims were inside the house, and some were outside. The shooters are believed to be significantly  older than the teenagers at the party.

Police were called to the scene around 9pm. When they arrived, they encountered a deceased shooting victims and several students with wounds from the gunshots.

The suspects of the shooting have not been caught by the authorities and have not yet been arrested. According to police, the victims of their gunfire didn’t seem to be targeted toward a particular person or group of people. The gunmen seemed to shoot at random after they were asked to exit the party.

The Turner School District said it would have additional support in place for students and staff who may need it beginning Wednesday morning.

Mayor Tyrone Garner said he’s tired of simply offering thoughts and prayers to victims of gun violence. He wants there to be a solution that prevents residents in Kansas City and Wyandotte County from being terrorized by deadly shootings such as this one.

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