University Bus Crash Leaves 1 Student Dead And Dozens More Injured


The bus was operating as part of a regular shuttle loop to Cambridge and Boston when it hit a tree on South Street around 10:30 p.m.

One student was pronounced dead on the scene. In addition to this death, 26 students and the driver sustained injuries.

Brandeis University identified the person who died as undergraduate student Vanessa Mark. The university will honor Mark’s memory, according to a letter to the campus. The Brandeis Center for Spiritual Life scheduled a vigil for 7 p.m. Monday at the Harlan Chapel to remember Mark.

Brandeis University spokesperson Julie Jette said five more victims of the crash were still in the hospital, including Brandeis students.

Last night’s fatal shuttle accident has shocked the University community and will take time for everyone to recover. The University is working with Waltham Police to learn more about how this accident happened.

Brandeis University has canceled classes for Monday and Tuesday to allow students to return to family and friends sooner than the normal holiday schedule would have allowed.

Brandeis University senior Draken Garfinkel shared that he uses the Boston to Cambridge shuttle frequently. After this fatal crash, he said that he was afraid for his safety.

The university canceled Monday and Tuesday’s classes for people to start Thanksgiving break early. Brandeis University also tweeted information for students who may need counseling in order to cope with the grief and trauma they experienced from the incident.

The cause of the bus crash is still currently under investigation. The bus carrying Brandeis University students crashed into a tree on South Street around 10:32 p.m.

The deceased crash victim, Vanessa Mark, was living in Waltham and was an active and cherished member of the Brandeis community. The community is still experiencing shock over the fatal shuttle accident.

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