UNSC Approves US-Backed Ceasefire Plan in Israel-Gaza Conflict – Israel Vows to Continue Military Operation

Jerusalem, Israel – Israel has affirmed its commitment to continuing its military operation in Gaza despite a US-backed ceasefire plan approved by the United Nations Security Council. The Israeli representative to the UN emphasized the importance of ensuring that Gaza does not pose a threat to Israel in the future. The country has made it clear that the war will not end until all hostages are returned and Hamas’ capabilities are dismantled.

The comprehensive three-stage peace deal, proposed by US President Joe Biden, aims to lead to the release of all remaining hostages, a permanent ceasefire, and the withdrawal of Israeli forces. The UNSC’s endorsement of the plan adds international pressure on both Hamas and Israel to end the conflict. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has been in the region, meeting with Israeli leaders to push for a ceasefire and hostage release.

Hamas has expressed willingness to engage with mediators to implement measures outlined in the resolution, including the withdrawal of Israeli forces and the return of residents to their homes. While the resolution states that Israel has accepted the plan, there have been conflicting public statements from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the matter.

Detailed negotiations are still ongoing to implement the provisions of the deal, with both Israel and Hamas yet to reach a full agreement. The plan includes an initial ceasefire, the release of prisoners, and a two-state solution. Palestinian officials have stressed the importance of a ceasefire and placed the burden on Israel to implement the resolution.

As discussions continue, the situation remains tense with Israel pressing on with military operations and Hamas demanding changes to the proposal. The conflict has taken a toll on both sides, with casualties mounting in Gaza. International pressure for a resolution remains high, as both parties navigate the complexities of the peace deal.