US Considers Deploying Troops Against Russia in Major Power Move

( – Fears over a Russian invasion of Ukraine have many countries considering their next moves to prevent possible war. NATO announced on January 24 it will send ships and jets to Eastern Europe, and President Joe Biden is considering moving forces to the area as well, according to a senior administration official. Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly amassed an estimated 100,000 troops along the border of Ukraine, and many suspect he is ready to move into the country. Putin denies an invasion is coming.

On January 22, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin briefed Biden about his options for response, should an invasion of Ukraine take place, and the considerations he should think about before any Russian moves. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov insists NATO and the US are creating an aggressive situation, not Russia.

The United States could send military troops to join other NATO countries to discourage a Russian invasion, but the administration has made no formal announcement confirming a move. The White House said the president planned to speak with European leaders on January 24 about Russia’s recent advancements and devise a unified strategy. The discussion will include leaders of the United Kingdom, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, and the NATO Secretary-General.

Any US moves could further strain an already complex relationship with Russia.

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