US Declares Popular Animals Extinct

( – For decades, US wildlife officials have looked for the ivory-billed woodpecker. They searched in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Florida for the beautiful creature to no avail. Now the officials have made a heartbreaking decision.

On Wednesday, September 29, the US Fish and Wildlife Service declared the ivory-billed woodpecker and 22 other species extinct. Despite officials’ best efforts, they haven’t been able to find the creatures in the wild.

In addition to the ivory-billed woodpecker, the species of plants, fish, birds and others added to the list are:

  1.  Bridled white-eye
  2. Kauai `o`o (honeyeater)
  3. Kauai akialoa
  4. little Mariana fruit bat
  5. Kauai nukupuu
  6. Phyllostegia glabra var. lanaiensis (a flowering plant with no common name)
  7. large Kauai thrush (kama)
  8. Maui akepa
  9. Molokai creeper (kakawahie)
  10. Maui nukupuu
  11.  po`ouli (honeycreeper)
  12. Bachman’s warbler
  13. Stirrupshell
  14. Flat pigtoe
  15. southern acornshell
  16. San Marcos gambusia
  17. upland combshell
  18. tubercled blossom (pearly mussel)
  19. Green blossom (pearly mussel)
  20. yellow blossom (pearly mussel)
  21. turgid blossom (pearly mussel)
  22. Scioto madtom

According to experts, there are a number of reasons why the species are extinct, including development depleting habitats, climate change, hunting, logging, pollution and other issues. Ultimately, humans are to blame.

Experts have added 902 species to an extinct list since they began keeping track. Scientists have said the world is in a mass extinction cycle but is moving at 1,000 times the historical rate — and that’s bad news for nature lovers.

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