US in a New Arms Race With China

US in a New Arms Race With China

( – China, Russia and the United States are working on a new high-tech weapon that can travel at high speeds virtually undetected. Unfortunately, while the US concentrated its efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, China pulled ahead in the arms race to develop and test maneuverable hypersonic weapons. The race isn’t about quantity, but rather quality, and the Pentagon reported China has already successfully tested the technology. According to Air Force General John Hyten, America doesn’t have any current defense against this type of weapon.

The high-tech weapon can travel at velocities over five times the speed of sound, or one mile per second, can reach its target within six minutes and can evade detection up until the last few seconds of impact.

The US Army and Navy held three tests in October to develop hypersonic weapons, but Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said it’s not enough. China isn’t the only country working on this advanced military technology. North Korea tested a “detached hypersonic gliding warhead” in September, and Russia claims it has successfully tested its own weapon.

Considering China’s aggressive push to perfect this new technology, will the Biden administration invest the necessary resources to ensure the US wins this race?

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