U.S. Marshalls Captured A Murder Suspect On Most Wanted List

US Marshalls Service

Raymond McLeod, a former Marine, was arrested in Sonsonate, El Salvador, after spending years on the run in Central America. He was wanted for the 2016 slaying of Krystal Mitchell.

RJ McLeod was armed and dangerous, a bodybuilder and heavy drinker, and went on the run after killing Krystal Mitchell, who he had only been dating for a couple of weeks. He had a history of domestic violence.

RJ McLeod was the first fugitive ever added to the US Marshal’s Top 15 Most Wanted List with a starting bounty of $50,000.

Mitchell’s mother praised the regional U.S. Marshals Task Force Chief Frankie Sanchez and Deputy Marshal Francisco Barajas for their “excellent work” Monday evening.

San Diego police found Krystal Mitchell, 30, dead on June 10, 2016; McLeod had eluded capture since the murder. The Marshals helped in the search that ended Monday in Sonsonate.

Authorities early on said they believed McLeod had fled south, first through Mexico, then into hiding somewhere in Central America, using aliases that may have included “Matt” and “Mateo.”

He was spotted in Guatemala in 2017 and Belize a year later but continued evading capture. “The passage of time will never deter the Marshals‘ fugitive investigation for McLeod,” Marshal Steve Stafford of the Southern District of California said in April 2021, when McLeod was named among the Most Wanted.

“If anything, it fuels our determination. We will leave no stone unturned until he is brought to justice.

Nancy Grace, who recently did a special on the case, said she was glad the U.S. Marshals never gave up on the case and that Krystal’s mother may now have a peaceful night’s sleep.

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