US Military Shoots Down Iranian Drone

US Military Shoots Down Iranian Drone

( – In July, the Pentagon expressed deep concern about attacks on US personnel in Syria and Iraq. The military believed Iranian-backed militias were carrying out the assaults. Now the US Air Force has taken action against a drone that flew too close to American troops.

On Saturday, August 21, an Air Force F-15 fighter jet shot down an Iranian drone that traveled near troops in eastern Syria. According to reports, there were roughly 900 troops in the area. US Army Colonel Wayne Marotto, a coalition spokesperson, told Reuters, “A coalition aircraft successfully engaged and defeated” an unmanned aircraft.

Saturday wasn’t the first time a drone got too close to American troops. In July, rocket and drone attacks hit an Iraqi airbase housing US forces. The attacks injured American service members.

In June, Iran elected hardliner Ebrahim Raisi to be the next president. He refused to ever meet President Joe Biden’s demands that his country stop supporting the militias in question. Some experts believed he would instead move to strengthen the nation’s ties to those groups. The attacks certainly haven’t let up since his election.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has repeatedly expressed a desire to reenter the nuclear agreement with the increasingly hostile nation.

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