US Nuclear Submarine Hit Underwater

US Nuclear Submarine Hit Underwater

( – The US military regularly patrols the South China Sea to conduct security operations. Recently, one of the patrols ended in an accident. Now, the US is investigating, and the Chinese government is demanding answers.

On October 7, the Navy’s US Pacific Fleet Public Affairs office released a statement about an October 2 accident in the South China Sea. According to the statement, the USS Connecticut nuclear submarine was operating in the region when it “struck an object while submerged.” The extent of the damage to the ship was unknown, but it was reportedly still operational. The Navy said the “safety of the crew” was the “top priority,” and fortunately, there weren’t any “life-threatening injuries.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told the press that the country is “gravely concerned” about the incident. He demanded to know what happened, including where the sub was, what it was doing and “whether the collision caused a nuclear leak.”

Some experts believe the nuclear ship was lurking near the bottom of the sea. The October incident wasn’t the first time the USS Connecticut has hit something. In 2003, the submarine broke through the ice and was attacked by a polar bear. It survived that accident as well.

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