US Senate Confirms Another Biden Nominee

US Senate Confirms Another Biden Nominee

( – President Joe Biden’s Cabinet confirmations started off slowly. The Senate was busy with its witch hunt of former President Donald Trump during the first few weeks of his administration. Nearly two months into his presidency, all of the positions have still not been filled but lawmakers have made some progress.

On Tuesday, March 17, the Senate confirmed Isabel Guzman to head the Small Business Administration (SBA). The vote to confirm her was mostly bipartisan with 81 senators agreeing she’s a good fit for the job. Seventeen Republicans, however, voted “no.”

Guzman has been the head of California’s Office of the Small Business Advocate since 2019. She also served under former President Barack Obama in the agency she’s now tasked with running. The new chief will have to hit the ground running and make sure small businesses are getting the aid they need under the Paycheck Protection Program.

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