US Warships Deployed Over Iran Tensions

US Warships Deployed Over Iran Tensions

( – When Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi took office last year, he made it clear he had no intention of reining in the local rebel groups. Those militias continue to be a major threat to the security of the US and of Iran’s neighbors. The Pentagon is now taking action to protect its allies against aggression from Iran or its protected rebel groups.

On Wednesday, February 2, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced the US is sending the USS Cole to conduct a patrol with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He also said the American military is deploying fifth-generation fighter jets to the region to assist “against the current threat.” Austin said the military wants to reaffirm its commitment to the partnership between the US and the UAE.

The decision to send US military strength to the region comes after Iran-backed Yemeni rebels launched a rocket attack on the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi. Fortunately, the American ally was able to intercept the rocket before it hurt anyone.

The attack from the rebels came at the same time Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed were meeting for the first time since former President Donald Trump brokered the Abraham Accords. The rocket attack was a continuation of ongoing aggression from the Iranian rebels. Secretary Austin made it clear the US military would not continue to allow its allies to be threatened.

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