USPS Accused of Ripping Off Employees

USPS Accused of Ripping Off Employees

( – The last several years have been difficult for the United States Postal Service (USPS). Staffing shortages, delivery delays, and billions of dollars in lost revenue have all created problems for the agency. Postal workers are now raising accusations of being ripped off in their paychecks.

On August 31, in partnership with Univision and the Associated Press, the Center for Public Integrity published a disturbing allegation: managers within the USPS have been cheating employees out of money for years. According to the report, managers at hundreds of post offices in America have underpaid mail carriers by changing their time cards.

Since 2005, the federal government has cited USPS 1,150 times for underpaying postal workers. The workers lost more than $650,000 in pay, but the agency only had to pay back about half of the money.

Nancy Campos, 59, told the Center for Public Integrity that the post office she worked at often changed her time card illegally. One time she took a photo of the card before she submitted it, and when she was paid, it was more than $200 short. The Midland, Texas postal carrier said, “I knew what was going to happen because it happens every pay period.”

Supervisors are allegedly under pressure to cut overtime hours as a result of USPS money woes. David Partenheimer said the agency doesn’t support supervisors changing time cards.

Even though federal regulators know about the issues, the problems persist. Postal workers, like Campos, say they have had enough. They’re tired of the USPS allegedly stealing from them.

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