Utah doctor accused of giving fake COVID shots and selling falsified vaccine cards

On January 11th, 2023, a federal grand jury in Salt Lake City, Utah returned an indictment against a Utah plastic surgeon, his medical corporation, and three other individuals- including the surgeon’s neighbor.

The indictment accused the group of conspiring to commit fraud against the United States by creating and distributing false vaccination records cards for the COVID-19 vaccine. The cards were given to those that had requested the documents fraudulently.

Court documents have revealed that 58-year-old Dr. Michael Kirk Moore Jr. of Salt Lake County, Utah, and his accomplices have been accused of a fraudulent operation. The scheme was concealed by their business, Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah Inc.

This alleged coverup was carried out with the intention of deceiving the United States and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

It is alleged that the defendants caused considerable damage to government-supplied COVID-19 vaccinations, costing approximately $28,028.50. Furthermore, it is alleged that 1,937 doses worth of vaccination record cards were distributed to individuals for either direct monetary payments or “donations” to a certain charitable organization.

However, no vaccine was actually given to the new card holders.

According to the charges presented in court, the defendants also gave saline injections to minors at the request of their parents, so that the children would falsely believe to have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah, Inc., Michael Kirk Moore Jr., Kari Dee Burgoyne (age 52), Kristin Jackson Andersen (age 59), and Sandra Flores (age 31) have all been charged criminally.

Their charges include conspiring to deceive the United States. They additionally face charges for selling, transferring, and disposing of government property.