Uvalde Surveillance Video Shows What Police Missed During The Shooting

5 key takeaways from the Uvalde shooting report and video revealing failures in law enforcement response – CNN

The City of Uvalde released the victim’s family’s new edited footage from the body cameras worn by Uvalde police officers. The video helps us understand police response was inside Rob Elementary.

Police body cam footage shows the moments officers entered Robb Elementary as a gunman took the lives of children and teachers. The footage also shows the District’s Chief of Police, Pete Arredondo, trying to negotiate with the gunman.

A Texas House investigative committee released a preliminary report that described an overall lackadaisical approach by nearly 400 officers who responded to the scene of the massacre.

The report found law enforcement shared systemic responsibility for many missed opportunities, including failing to respond to gunfire.

First responders treated the situation as a “barricaded subject” scenario, rather than an active shooter, and lost critical momentum, the report says.

Dramatic body camera footage shows officers rushing to the scene of the shooting and fumbling with keys in a hallway near where a gunman had control of two classrooms full of dead, dying and terrified children.

The shooter had been in the classroom for almost an hour, and the video goes dark before officers breach the classroom and kill the shooter. Families across Texas are just weeks away from sending their kids back to school.

Some of the response failures were attributed to a breakdown in communication, in which information known to some outside the school may not have been relayed to those on the inside.

The report did not name the shooter nor show his image, but offered information about his background, both at home and school, and said the school made “no meaningful intervention” before he was finally involuntarily withdrawn from school for poor performance and excessive absences last October.

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