Vaccine ‘Requirements’ Leave Americans on Edge

Vaccine 'Requirements' Leave Americans on Edge

( – The government is turning up the pressure as the United States rushes to fully reopen. Connecticut is taking things to a new level by denying some workers their freedom of choice.

On May 19, Natural News reported that Connecticut requires healthcare workers to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Workers must also sign a “special liability form” released by the Connecticut Department of Public Health stating they “voluntarily assume full responsibility” for any reactions or side effects.

This requirement contradicts new guidelines recently submitted by OSHA for final approval. While not yet finalized as formal guidance, OSHA’s current FAQ requires employers, not workers, to bear the responsibility for any adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine if taking one is a work requirement.

It’s unconscionable that an employer can take away the American worker’s freedom of choice and at the same time force them to sign waivers assuming all responsibility. At least OSHA is willing to address the issue.

It’s important to know one’s rights, and we will continue supporting them through our efforts to uncover situations like this.

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