Vegas Flights Cancelled Over False Alarm Shooter Reports That Caused Mass Panic


Las Vegas airport flights grounded after ‘unfounded’ reports of shooting spark panic – Fox News

A “false alarm” caused a passenger panic in security lines at Harry Reid International Airport early Sunday. Delays are expected throughout the day and cancellations are possible, according to airport officials.

An unruly person at Harry Reid International Airport sparked a false shooting scare that unleashed panic, officials said. The noise caused travelers to panic and some rushed through security checkpoints.

Flights were delayed and canceled due to congestion on the taxiways, according to Flightaware.

Michelle Shafer, a Texas resident, missed her flight to Portland and encountered disarray at the airport. She saw officers patrolling and witnessed airport employees’ attempts to share information muffled by the noise.

Ron, who only shared his first name with reporters, said 1,000 people were trying to get through TSA before hearing reports of a shooter. His flight to Houston was rescheduled for Monday morning with a six-hour layover.

Two sisters from New Zealand called off their flight to New York on Sunday morning and are now traveling home via New York and London.

Airport officials say there is no threat at the airport, and thank the travelers for their patience. A loud noise caused was deemed to be the source of panic among travelers in the airport.

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