Video Exposes Muggers Ambushing Woman Outside Her Home In ‘Safe’ Neighborhood

Video shows armed muggers ambush woman in ‘safe’ Chicago neighborhood – New York Post

Police in Chicago are hunting for three attackers who robbed a 45-year-old woman at gunpoint in broad daylight in an affluent, leafy district of the city. The attack was recorded on a Ring camera, overlooking the street.

The woman was pushed down to the ground by three assailants, who took her wallet, keys, and phone. No arrests have yet been made, and Bill Pollard said there have been increasing reports of crime in the area.

The Chicago Police Department said that they have created a crime pattern with these suspects, but that victims have a hard time identifying them. Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying this crime pattern in Lakeside, Chicago.

Resident Marna Goldwin said that neighbors are willing to help, but that leadership at the city and police department level is needed. She also said that the State’s Attorney’s Office and the Cook County judicial system need to step up.

Residents said they were shaken by the attack. One resident said she wanted to allow her child to play in her front yard without worrying about what might happen in the middle of the day.

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