Video Footage Released Of Wrong-Way Crash In Miami That Killed 5 Young Victims

Video shows Miami wrong-way crash that killed five pals, including NYU-bound student – New York Post

Mikey Simeon was a no-show in court for the hearing of his murderous car crash. He pled not guilty to five counts of DUI manslaughter. Recently, video footage was released that shows his car entering the Palmetto and whizzing by other cars as he gets on.

Simeon, the driver, went the wrong way on a busy South Florida expressway. Because of this, he ended caused the untimely death of five young victims. The State Attorney’s Office released a new video of the crash that gives greater insight into what happened.

Simeon hit five people while driving 80 mph with a blood alcohol level nearly double the legal limit. He now faces five counts of DUI manslaughter.

Local 10 News looked into Simeon’s driving history and found a history of traffic violations, though his license was valid at the time of the crash.

Five victims, all between the ages of 18 and 25, were shot dead by Simeon. GoFundMe accounts have been set up for the families of the victims.

The family was not initially warned it was being released. The sister of Brianna Pacalagua told Nbc6 she’s upset and wants the state to add wrong way detection systems to the exit ramp.

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