Video Shows Border Being Flooded With Migrants

Video Shows Border Being Flooded With Migrants

( – Shortly after President Joe Biden took office, he undid some of former President Donald Trump’s main immigration directives. One of the decisions he made was to enact the ICE catch and release program the former POTUS had ended. A new video is showing the consequences of that policy.

On March 7, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) shared a video of hundreds of migrants allegedly crossing the US border in Arizona. The illegal immigrants in the video aren’t being stopped by border patrol as they flow into the country. The senator asked, “How many have COVID?” in the caption above the video. A fair question.

The Biden administration is putting American lives at risk by not controlling who comes into the country. Recent reports indicate some of the people being released have COVID-19. Those people are being given the opportunity to spread it across the country because Biden wants to be compassionate. What about the compassion American citizens need right now?

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