Violence Against Police Reaching All-Time High

Violence Against Police Reaching All-Time High

( – Over the last few years, the Left has encouraged a large swath of the population to hate police officers. Groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) have been at the forefront of this animosity toward the men and women who keep cities safe. Often at protests, this anger leads to violence. Police officers have been attacked with bottles, rocks and other projectiles during riots across the nation.

At the same time as the rise in anti-police sentiment across the country, there’s been an increase in murders of law enforcement officers. In fact, 2021 has been especially terrible.

Unimaginable Loss of Life

On Wednesday, December 1, the National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) revealed the number of police officers killed in America has reached a new high. As of November 30, 314 officers were shot in the line of duty throughout the first 11 months of the year. To put that in perspective, 312 were shot in the entirety of 2020.

Of the police officers shot this year, 58 died from their injuries. In 2020, 47 were murdered in the entire 12 months. Additionally, the FOP recorded 95 ambush-style attacks this year – a 126% increase compared to 2020 – resulting in 119 officers shot, 28 of whom were killed.

Former President Donald Trump responded to the report during an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” saying the country “has no law and order.” The FOP tweeted, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”

The Victims

The day before the FOP released the statistics, officers with Georgia’s Clayton County Police Department responded to calls of a domestic violence incident that included shots fired and injured people at a residence. When they arrived, they found a 12-year-old boy who’d been shot in the face. A man with a handgun began firing at them, killing Clayton County Field Training Officer Henry Laxson. He is survived by his wife.

On August 7, Chicago Police Officer Ella French left her home and never returned. She was shot and killed during a traffic stop. The 29-year-old is survived by her mother and brother.

Florida’s Hollywood Police Department lost Officer Yandy Chirino, 28, shot and killed after responding to a suspicious person report. When officers confronted the suspect, he drew a gun. The suspect shot the police officer during the struggle. Chirino was one of six Florida police officers killed by gunfire in 2021.

The officers’ deaths this year coincide with an increase in crime across the country and, ironically (or infuriatingly), a movement to defund the police. President Joe Biden has not addressed the increase in officer deaths.

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