Viral: Sukihana gets relentlessly trolled for confusing ‘musician’ with ‘magician’ in bizarre podcast interview

MIAMI (AP) — Sukihana, a former contestant on “Love & Hip Hop: Miami,” is facing heavy criticism on social media following a contentious appearance on a podcast hosted by Bobbi Althoff. The episode, which aired on “The Really Good Podcast,” quickly went viral as Sukihana argued with the host, sparking a wave of online reactions.

During the podcast, Sukihana expressed confusion over being referred to as a “musician,” insisting that she is not a musician but rather a multi-talented artist involved in music, acting, and television. The exchange between Sukihana and Althoff left many internet users stunned, with some creating humorous memes in response to the segment.

The episode also revealed that Sukihana gave Althoff dance lessons, adding another layer to their interaction. However, it remains unclear whether Sukihana’s comments were genuine or intended to provoke a reaction from the audience.

In a separate development, Althoff’s husband, Cory, recently filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. The couple, who share two children, expressed their intention to co-parent and remain friends despite the dissolution of their marriage.

Cory, an executive at CompTIA, has sought joint and legal custody of their two young children, according to legal documents. The news of the divorce comes as a surprise to followers of the podcast and has sparked further interest in the personal lives of those involved.

The viral podcast segment and the unexpected divorce announcement have generated widespread discussion on social media, with netizens sharing their reactions and opinions on both developments. The fallout from the podcast, along with the personal upheaval in Althoff’s life, continues to captivate online audiences as they engage with the latest updates from the world of entertainment and pop culture.