Virginia Races Very Close — May Trigger Recount

Virginia Races Very Close -- May Trigger Recount

( – The Democrats, once comfortably in charge in Virginia, were obliterated in the November 2 elections. Initially, the Left conceded defeat, but now it looks like they’re walking that back in two races.

According to the Associated Press, vote counts show the Democrats have 47 House of Delegates seats and they’re leading in another district. Republicans have 50 seats and are leading in two other races that have not been called. In the two districts that haven’t been called for the GOP, the margins are less than 0.5%. That means the two Democratic candidates in those races could request a recount.

In one race, Democrat incumbent Alex Askew conceded to Republican Karen Greenhalgh. But since the margin between the two shrank to 127 votes, Democratic House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn wants a recount just to be sure. In the other race, Democrat Delegate Martha Mugler, the incumbent, conceded she’d lost to Republican A.C. Cordoza. However, she walked back her concession over the weekend after Cordoza’s lead shrank.

Garren Shipley, a spokesperson for Republican House Minority Leader Todd Gilbert, said the GOP is confident it’ll have control of the House of Delegates when it convenes in January, even if there’s a recount.

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