Vladimir Putin Suggests He Might Quit as Russia’s President (REPORT)

(AbsoluteNews.com) – In July, Russian voters backed constitutional amendments that would allow Vladimir Putin, 68, to remain president until 2036. However, he might have other plans.

Putin recently introduced a new law that would allow him to become a senator for life. The move would give him lifelong legal immunity and he’d continue to have state perks. Sources in Russia say the legislation, which is moving quickly through parliament, is a “sign that the groundwork is being laid” for someone else to eventually rule the country.

Does this mean the Russian president plans to quit? That could be it. Or he might just think he will live longer than 2036 and wants to have a plan in place just in case. As it stands, he’d leave office and have no immunity or state perks. Perhaps he’s worried political rivals will try to jail him if an immunity law is not in place. Whatever the reason, the world is certainly watching.

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