Walmart Pays $4.4M For Allegedly Spying On Customer In Racial Profiling Incident


Walmart ordered to pay Oregon man $4.4M for racial profiling after worker allegedly ‘spied’ on customer, called police – NBC News

A Black man was awarded $4.4 million in damages after a jury found that a White Walmart employee racially profiled him while shopping and tried to have law enforcement act on false charges.

The man sued Walmart, saying a store employee racially profiled and harassed him. A grand jury ordered Walmart to pay $4.4 million in damages.

Mangum, 59, was told to leave the Walmart in Wood Village by store employee Joe Williams, but refused, saying he’d done nothing wrong. Williams told Mangum he was going to call the police, but deputies refused to take action against Mangum because of his “reputation for making false reports to police”.

Mangum filed a lawsuit against Walmart for negligent retention and action against person who summons police with improper intent.

Walmart spokesperson Randy Hargrove called into question some of the claims and said Walmart considers the verdict “excessive” and is reviewing its options, including post-trial motions.

Mangum’s lawsuit claims that the employee called law enforcement with the intent to harass, humiliate, or embarrass him.

Mangum’s attorney said law enforcement would have lost their jobs if the employee’s claims were true, but Mangum refused to be intimidated by the employee’s “lies and bullying.”

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