Wanted Suspect Shoots 2 Small Dogs During Armed Robbery


A man was robbed while walking his two dachshunds. The suspect fired multiple shots, striking both dogs. The victim grabbed his dogs and ran away from the suspect, but one of his dogs was badly injured and died as a result of the shooting.

Police identified the suspect as Jayden Harris, who was riding in a black Volkswagen Tiguan SUV at the time of the crime.

The man who’s dogs were shot, Geovanni Ruiz, was merely walking his beloved dachshunds at the time of the crime. At 7pm, he left the house with his two small dogs, Bamby and Jacob.

During their stroll, Ruiz was threatened by 17-year-old Jayden Harris. Harris tried to rob Ruiz and gunpoint and demanded that Ruiz give him money. Because of Harris’ threats, the dogs started to get uneasy toward the wanted teen.

The dogs behavior aggravated the armed robber. Police said Harris fired five shots at Ruiz’s dogs and narrowly missed the victim in the process. Bamby and Jacob were both shot. However, Bamby survived the attack while Jacob died from gunshot wounds.

The suspect was arrested on an unrelated warrant for another robber hours later. After being released just days later through a bond, police realized that he was guilty of another robbery that involved Ruiz and his pups.

The victim of the armed robbery was asked to identify his perpetrator, and when a photo of Harris was shown he immediately recognized him. It was then that Ruiz positively identified Harris as the shooter.

Police arrested Harris at his home Thursday and charged him with a number of felonies, including aggravated assault, robbery with a firearm, and aggravated battery with a firearm. He also received a felony charge for aggravated cruelty to animals.

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