War Memorial Defaced With Message About Getting Vaccinated

War Memorial Defaced With Message About Getting Vaccinated

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Ever since the COVID-19 vaccine became available to the world, there have been two distinct camps: those who are in favor of vaccination and others against it. As the pandemic wages on, the divide grows, as evidenced by the events in British Columbia on November 11. In Canada, when the country should have come together to honor their fallen heroes for Remembrance Day, someone decided to vandalize a war memorial with a pro-vaccine message.

So, instead of spending the morning preparing for the day’s commemoration, the city had to scramble together to clean up the vandal’s work.

The Cranbrook Cenotaph located in British Columbia had the words, “The real heroes are the vaccinated!” scrawled across the memorial in green spray paint.

Police, firefighters, and city workers banded together to remove the vandalism before the Remembrance Day ceremony that morning. Although the City of Cranbrook was grateful for the heads-up that gave them a chance to clean the memorial before the parade, they were disappointed anyone would deface such an important monument. Fortunately, they were able to restore the memorial, and the ceremony went off without a hitch.

Police are currently investigating the incident, calling out to the community for tips. They also plan to collect surveillance videos from nearby buildings in hopes of gathering clues that will lead to the culprit.

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