Warnings Issued Over Possible Interference in Midterm Elections

Warnings Issued Over Possible Interference in Midterm Elections

(AbsoluteNews.com) – During both the 2016 and 2020 general elections, cybersecurity was a top priority for officials. There were allegations of election meddling both times. Another major American election is just months away and that means, of course, cybercriminals are up to no good.

According to reports, cybersecurity experts believe Russia is probably going to try to use multiple tools to interfere in the midterm elections. Those attacks could take the form of efforts to hack into the election system or run disinformation campaigns.

The Russians might use malware to disrupt states’ networks and gain access to their voter registration rolls. That’s one of the tactics the country used during the 2016 presidential election. At least 20 states were impacted by the malware attacks. Experts think the war in Ukraine is going to make Russia even more determined.

The Associated Press reported US intelligence officials also believe Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to order the meddling and use the United States’ support of Ukraine as the pretext.

Jamil Jaffer, the founder of George Mason University’s National Security Institute, told The Hill he believes the “chances are higher” Russia will increase cyberattacks as the conflict continues.

Are you concerned about Russian hackers tampering with the midterm elections?

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