Wedding Drama: Olivia Culpo Bans Sister’s Boyfriend from Ceremony, Here’s Why!

Los Angeles, California – After news surfaced that Aurora Culpo is romantically involved with Paul Bernon, Olivia Culpo recently revealed why she made the decision not to have her sister’s boyfriend attend her wedding to Christian McCaffrey. In a recent episode of the “Barely Filtered” podcast recorded prior to the event, Olivia clarified that her sister’s partner was not included on the guest list.

During the podcast, Olivia expressed that she found it inappropriate to invite someone she had never met to such an important event. Olivia and Aurora engaged in a brief exchange on the matter, with Aurora labeling Olivia’s decision as rude. Olivia defended her stance by explaining that it was not a reflection on Aurora’s boyfriend personally, but rather a reflection of Aurora herself.

Aurora, who recently started dating Paul Bernon after his split from Bethenny Frankel, shared that her partner was actually invited to spend time with the Culpo family only the day before the wedding festivities. The couple made headlines in June after their relationship was revealed, with reports indicating that Bernon would be attending Olivia and McCaffrey’s wedding.

Bernon, who was previously engaged to Bethenny Frankel before their split earlier in the year, found himself at the center of attention once again as he accompanied Aurora to the wedding celebration. Meanwhile, Olivia and McCaffrey’s relationship, which began in 2019, culminated in a stunning wedding ceremony where Olivia donned a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana dress.

The newlyweds faced some criticism regarding Olivia’s wedding dress, but McCaffrey was quick to defend his wife against negative comments from an influencer. The NFL player responded to the criticism by expressing his hope for the critic to find joy and peace in the world, much like his beloved wife does. The couple’s love story and wedding bliss continue to capture the interest of fans and followers alike, showcasing their commitment and unity.