Weight Loss Coach Reveals Shocking Truth About Store-Bought Smoothies and Frozen Foods – You Won’t Believe #1 Dietary Mistake!

Atlanta, Georgia – A weight loss coach in Georgia is advising against consuming pre-made smoothies, cocktails, and frozen foods if one is trying to lose weight. Jenna Rizzo, the women’s weight loss coach, emphasizes the importance of avoiding these store-bought items as they are often loaded with added sugars and lack real ingredients. Rizzo suggests making smoothies at home using real fruit and less added sugar to support weight loss efforts.

Rizzo also discourages the consumption of store-bought smoothies and açaí bowls, pointing out that they can be high in added sugars and may not contain real fruits and vegetables. Making these items at home allows individuals to use real food and avoid unnecessary added sugars, according to Rizzo.

Frozen foods are another category that Rizzo advises against for weight loss. She highlights that these foods are calorie-dense, making portion control challenging. Additionally, frozen dinners have been linked to a higher risk of various health conditions such as premature death, heart disease, colorectal cancer, obesity, and depression.

In terms of ready-to-drink cocktails, Rizzo expresses a dislike for alcohol consumption when trying to lose weight. She notes that alcohol is high in calories and can interfere with the body’s fat-burning mechanisms. Rizzo warns against pre-mixed cocktails due to the added juices and syrups that can significantly increase the calorie content, potentially leading to consuming hundreds or even thousands of calories in one night. Moreover, she mentions the tendency to experience strong cravings for unhealthy foods when under the influence of alcohol.

Overall, Rizzo’s message revolves around the importance of consuming real, whole foods and avoiding processed or pre-made items when aiming for weight loss. By focusing on homemade, nutritious choices, individuals can better support their weight loss goals and overall health.