What Went Wrong With The Uvalde Police Response?

Uvalde police department, school police dept. under scrutiny – The Washington Post

The school district police chief made the decision not to breach the classroom where a gunman was shooting children and teachers, officials said.

As details emerge of the horrific attack it has become clear that as many as 19 officers were being held in the hallway of the school while the solo gunman continued to kill children even as 9-1-1 operators had repeated calls from one or more of the fourth graders pleading for the police to come in.

The incident commander decided that the shooter was a barricaded subject, but children inside the school called 9-1-1 and pleaded for help. The supervisor’s decision to not confront the shooter was the wrong decision. It ultimately was a border patrol tactical team that went in and neutralized the shooter. This occurred a full 90-minutes after the shooter’s grandmother called 9-1-1 to report that her grandson had shot her in the face.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he wants the police chief of the Uvalde school district to be fired, but he has no say in the matter. In an interview on Friday, Governor Abbot made it clear he was not happy that the chain of command had lied to him about the sequence and timing of events.

The Uvalde School District police chief is Pedro “Pete” Arredondo. Arredondo was introduced at a news conferences, but provided little information about the shooting.

Arredondo has nearly three decades of experience in law enforcement, was elected to the city council, and headed the Uvalde district command since 2020.

Texas has active shooter training for officers that teaches a ‘go to the gun’ approach. There should have been no confusion about how to proceed. Especially when those at risk were largely defenseless children.

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