White House Bomb Plot Leads to Arrest

White House Bomb Plot Leads to Arrest

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Threats against the President of the United States are taken very seriously in America and for good reason. Over the course of the country’s history, four presidents have been assassinated and there have been attempts on the lives of at least three others. Fortunately, the Secret Service recently foiled two plots that could have added President Joe Biden to those statistics.

Bomb Plots

On January 31, the Department of Justice announced 37-year-old Ryan Matthew Conlon of Maryland was charged with threatening to bomb the White House. He was also charged with threatening to bomb the National Security Agency and then murder the employees in a mass shooting. He reportedly sent multiple threatening messages to both the NSA and FBI tip lines.

The FBI found a Facebook account allegedly linked to Conlon under the username “Targeted Individual T.I.,” which included photos of a white Chevrolet Tahoe. He claimed the vehicle followed him and “made him feel targeted.” An FBI agent said the suspect apologized for the threats and said he sends them when he gets angry.

In a separate incident, Scott Ryan Merryman was charged with threatening Biden. He claimed God told him to travel to Washington, DC, where he should “lop off the head of the serpent.” He was arrested as he was traveling from Kansas to Maryland. According to an affidavit written by an FBI agent, Merryman denied he was referring to Biden as the serpent. However, he claimed he had information he had to give the president about the Book of Revelation. He also called the White House switchboard to say he was traveling there to “cut off the head of the snake/antiChrist.”

When Merryman was taken into custody he didn’t have a weapon but did allegedly have a scope and ammunition.

Previous Plots

On December 21, police arrested Kuachua Xiong, 25, as he traveled to Washington, DC, to try to kill a number of officials, including President Joe Biden. He allegedly had an AR-15-type rifle, grappling hook, body armor and other items in the car. The suspect made a number of claims about the president, including he was abusing children. Details were included in a criminal complaint filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of Iowa. Secret Service agents allege Xiong told them he was called upon by God to “combat evil demons in the White House.”

There was also an earlier plot against Biden before he took office. In 2020, Alexander Hillel Treisman (only age 19 at the time) was arrested in North Carolina with multiple guns, explosive material and cash.

Threats against the president carry a sentence of up to 5 years in prison.

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